What can Whole House Audio do for you?

Whole house audio allows you to centralize all of your audio equipment in one discreet location in your home. You can now enjoy streaming audio from Rhapsody, CDs, MP3s, FLAC, iDevices, radio, XM or any other audio source.

In addition to de-cluttering your home, whole house audio gives you the flexibility to stream any source of audio to any zone, in unison or independently of each other.

Your whole house audio system has other uses as well. For instance, in the event of a fire your Smart Home can broadcast instructions to alert your family that they need to exit the home. If you're on vacation, your Smart Home can broadcast a loud dog barking over your speakers to simulate a watch dog when someone rings the doorbell. When someone pulls into your driveway, your Smart Home can mute your audio, ring a chime and display who is approaching.

We offer systems that are scalable, meaning we can add features and functionality at your pace and according to your pace and your budget.

Surround Yourself with Sound

Whether you're building a dedicated home theater, media room or want to enjoy surround sound in the family or master bedroom, we can enhance your listening experience.

Proper design & layout

HomeLife specs, designs and installs audio systems featuring 5.1 & up surround sound. We have speaker solutions for just about any space.

HomeLife Partners - We proudly offer Smart Home technology from Control4 and other leading manufacturers to Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas.