Climate Control

It 's simple to add intelligent temperature control to any home. With bi-directional communication and seamless integration to your Smart Home, an intelligent thermostat adds an impressive array of climate control functions that are accessible from any room in the home or accross the web.

With the press of a button on the way out the door, you can reduce your heating or cooling energy usage while your home is unoccupied. You can change the temperature while watching TV without having to leave the couch. Receive an email alert when away if the temperature in your home ever drops below a specified setting. Turn on your ceiling fans when the house temperature rises above 75 degrees. These are just a few examples of what you can do with an integrated climate control system in a Smart Home.

Intelligent By Design

Programmable — create and follow a personalized program with up to six different set point periods per day.

  • Efficient — automatic changeover between heating and cooling system control plus overshoot and undershoot settings for reduced system cycling.
  • Bi-directional communication — interact with other devices and systems in the home.
  • Accessible — monitor and control temperature from any Control4 interface in any room.
  • Manual override — multiple hold options when departing from programmed schedule.
  • Wireless — robust, reliable, wireless connectivity using the ZigBee Pro mesh networking standard.

Keep all the thermostats in the furnace room and use paintable remote temperature sensors for a super clean look.

  • Compact design — sophisticated, sleek design fits beautifully in any home.
  • Backlit LCD — large easy to read screen.
  • Intuitive — intuitive interface for common features make the Wireless Thermostat easy for everyone to use.

Easy To Install and Use

  • No new wires — connects to heating and cooling systems following standard thermostat wiring conventions.
  • Fail-safe operation — operates as a stand-alone thermostat if connection to controller is ever lost.
  • Wireless control — ZigBee communication eliminates need for control wires.

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