The Eragy 'Watts On Now!' App - With energy monitoring, this app becomes a full featured energy management application and the ultimate conservation tool!

Why a Smart Home is a Smart Idea

HomeLife makes it easy to be eco friendly. We give you the ability to control lighting with occupancy and ambient light sensing, adjust smart thermostat, monitor & turn off devices no one is using easily from any touch screen, iDevice, mobile phones, PC or Mac, remote control, keypad, television or computer from within the home or across the web.

Despite our best intentions, we all waste electricity by leaving the lights on. In fact, lighting accounts for 20% of all electricity consumed in the U.S., and 50% of that is wasted with inefficient light sources or in unoccupied rooms. We can solve these problems with intelligent lighting that monitors occupancy and ambient light level. See Lighting Control.

Advanced temperature control gives you simple and convenient control over the comfort of you home. Not only can you have the thermostat adjust the temperature when you leave your house, you can automate ceiling fans and shades to adjust accordingly to temperature. See Climate Control.

Energy Monitoring

Just how much does it cost to keep the lights in family room on all evening?  How much electricity are you using daily? Unfortunately, no one really knows until they get their electric bill. Studies have shown that systems that can provide instantaneous feedback on household electrical usage can reduce energy consumption by 10-15% once you equate lights being on to a dollar figure per hour.

HomeLife Partners - We proudly offer Smart Home technology from Control4 and other leading manufacturers to Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas.