Video Intercom - Paul Williams introduces new video intercom solutions from Control4.

Smart by Design - With the addition of motorized smart locks, you can secure your home with the push off a button.

Safe & Sound

Your Smart Home can offer security at the push of a button. You can receive emails or text messages based on security related events such as leaving the garage door open or when the security system is triggered. You can monitor the status of your home, see which doors are open and arm your system from any user interface.

Quickly check the status of doors & locks, then lock them with a push of a button from the couch or across the world.

View what's happening inside and outside of your home through touch screens, iDevices, mobile devices and televisions as well as from any computer over a secure connection via the Internet when you subscribe to 4Sight.

View who’s at the front door or check in on a sleeping child.

Additionally, by utilizing the 4Sight remote home control package, you can monitor your home while on vacation or at the office in real time using a web browser. This access is completely encrypted and requires no additional configuration of the router or firewall in the home.

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