Structured Wire

Structured wiring is the backbone of your Audio, Video, Control and Computer Networks. Structured wiring is running different types of communication wires to desired locations in your home and bringing them all back to a central discreet location. Wiring up your home when the walls are open allows for installation of future technology down the road.

All the control wiring is 'Home Run' to a central location

While installing cabling while the walls are open is obviously easier than retrofitting wires. We have honed our skills and are experts at getting wires around in existing structures.

Can you over wire your home? The simple answer is no. Having the right amount of cabling along with some spare capacity helps ensure that your home is "Future Proof". Pre-wiring a home for future technology is relatively inexpensive and reduces the likelihood that new wires will have to be run through the walls at a later date.

New construction speaker brackets ensure exact room placement

As new technology emerges, you will be able to take full advantage of it.

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